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Your location

  • Geography
  • Sociale
  • Environment
  • Revitalization
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Real Estate

  • Rent - Purchase
  • Construction
  • Land tax and Building
  • Reconversion of site
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  • Public financial supports
  • Revitalization funds
  • Direct subsidies
  • 0% interest loans
  • Private investors

Revitalization Reindustrialization

  • Support of th e restructuring
  • Reconversion
  • Search for buyers
  • Repurchase – Transfer of company

Go between

Your are missing information about customers, markets, partners, contractors on your next market, an introduction within a big group, getting in touch with a prospective customer… French, Moroccan or Belgium.

We most probably know them or maintain privileged links with them. We put our network at your disposition in complete confidentiality.

We create and assist you in: business plan developments, market studies, governmental administrative steps; search for standards, tax, investors, purchasers of companies, financing help and all other steps for you.

  • Putting at your disposal, and introducing you to specific contacts linked to international business set ups.
  • Introduction to our investors, tier one suppliers, big potential clients
  • Takeovers, mergers; acquisitions, funding, government channels revolving around your activity. Joint-ventures
  • Search for fitting partners in order to set up your business abroad
  • » Introduction to setting up your company

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